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People fall in love with a holiday spot and often, never want to leave. But, the real world calls us back to work, family and the day to day. However, that doesn’t have to be where it ends.   Many of our park visitors love a park so much, they come back again, and again and again.  In fact, up to 180 days a year, to the same place, same site or cabin. We call these annuals.

An annual rents one of Discovery’s cabins, or rents a site upon which they put their own cabin, caravan or shack on a monthly fee basis, with an annual rental contract. 

Discovery Cabin Annuals: these kind of agreements enable someone to use one of our cabins up to 180 days a year exclusively, have keys to come and go and use the park facilities. Think of it like renting a holiday house.

Site Annuals: sometimes people want to put their own caravan or cabin in a place they love and be able to come and go throughout the year. When you just rent the site or grass from us, this is called a site annual. You can rent the grass, get access to services (power and water, paid at your expense) and put your own caravan or cabin semi permanently on the same site year round. You can access this up to 180 days a year and use the facilities of the park. You don’t own the land, you pay an annual fee, split into monthly payments and sign a new annual rental agreement every year.

Why no more than 180 days a year? because then you are considered under the law to be living onsite and you become a tenant or a permanent resident of the park. This would mean our park becomes your primary place of residence for tax purposes.

Permanent Residents: A small number of Discovery parks have people resident in them.  It’s not our normal business, but from time to time, we allow it. It’s at the discretion of Discovery and is considered on a park by park basis. Applicants will need to go through a police check as they need to be compatible with our family holiday travellers.